Boost Client Value: 5 VMS Strategies for MSP Success

In the current MSP market, competition for clients is at an all-time high. With bigger and better solutions constantly popping up, you need to be more innovative than ever. Whilst a strong business strategy is essential, the current industry climate demands tech as a supporting tool. With the right VMS, you can enhance your service and seriously compete with improved analytics, accelerated operations and increased visibility.

Here’s how:


1) Transparent Communication with Suppliers for Skill Shortages

With such fierce competition for talent, you simply cannot afford delayed, erroneous or inefficient supplier communications.

With a cloud-based, single sign-on VMS, you can maintain all communications in one place and access data on demand. As well as this, you and your suppliers can receive real-time updates from any location or device.

This enables you to collaborate with more suppliers more efficiently, allowing you to cast out a wider net for talent. With this, you can move vacancies through to placements faster, wasting no time getting back to your talent search.


2) Automation for Increased Accuracy and Quicker Turnaround 

Manual data entry is simply bad news: more data entry staff on your payroll, increased human error and time-consuming processes.

This often ends up compromising your client’s timelines, compliance, and profitability, putting business relationships on the line.

An automated VMS can take on the heavy lifting of repetitive admin duties, freeing up your budget, reducing error and increasing efficiency. This means you can deliver your clients results with speed and precision.


3) Cloud-based Transparency for Tough Compliance

Overly complex tech stacks with multiple siloed systems obscure data. This is a ripe environment for incorrect, incomplete, or fraudulent data circulation. Such low-level visibility is disastrous for compliance and can expose your clients to high liability risks.

Cloud-based VMS allows you to track and access essential compliance data on demand. Real-time notifications can bring immediate attention to potential compliance risks early on, meaning you can solve them before they mutate into liability, fines, and reputational damage.

Being equipped to protect your clients from non-compliance is an essential addition to your value proposition and can bring about trust to secure long-term business relationships.


 4) Centralised Single Platform for Data Backtracking and Audits

Scattered data across multiple systems obstructs access, making analysis and auditing needlessly complex. It also makes for a highly disorganised workflow, ripe for error, missing data, and fraud.

Disputes are inevitable, be they regarding payments, compliance, or attendance. However, it is essential that you have sufficient data access to challenge/resolve them head-on and prevent further escalation and disruption to business as usual.

With an all-in-one platform, you can centralise all your data, access it on demand, and apply it more efficiently in practice.


5) DaaS for Regular Reporting and Accountability to Clients. 

Transparency between you and your client is essential, and the most effective way to maintain this is through reporting. Drawing data from complex, manually operated tech stacks, however, hinders your ability to deliver timely and accurate reports.

A DaaS-enabled VMS can allow instant data extraction from any module. This completely cuts out manual admin and the human error it comes with. With direct CSV conversions you can regularly update your clients and demonstrate the ROI you’re bringing them.


In conclusion…


VMS is an essential tool to hone your MSP service. It frees up capacity for you to focus on what really matters—your clients. With automation, cloud-based tech, and data-driven processes, you can optimise your strategy and increase the value you deliver to your clients.

You can better apply your staffing expertise when worrying less about data entry, complex software operations and chaotic processes. This will translate into long-term retention and help build a positive reputation for increased client acquisition.


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