Founded in 2013, the need for Engage originated from the founders involvement in temporary recruitment as end hirer, recruitment agency and payroll provider.


We were hugely frustrated at the obvious duplication of administration for each member of the supply chain, at every assignment. It drives up costs, slows down time to placement and creates needless errors.


The large (and growing) contingent staffing market had plenty of enterprise software, but each served only certain groups of users and only enabled specific parts of the recruitment process.


We set out to build a lean, cloud based application that would connect up all users and facilitate the entire recruitment process, from vacancy to billing. We wanted it to appeal to both large and small organisations so decided to charge a very small fee per transaction, rather than a large licence fee.


We want end hirers, agencies, payrolls and workers to connect on a self-service platform that seamlessly navigates the entire recruitment process with incredible efficiency. It will save time and money for everyone.