We reengineered the recruitment process

Let’s face it, it needed doing. Smart tech platforms have revolutionised just about every other sector, but the efficient hiring of contract workers has been stuck in the dark ages, crying out for an end-to-end solution…until now.

Our Manifesto

ENGAGE strongly believes that hirers, agencies and workers all deserve better. Therefore, we knew that there simply had to be an efficient and automated way to manage an end-to-end workflow.

Our cutting-edge workforce management solution helps every stakeholder across the supply chain. We cover every stage of the “Recruit to Paid” process. All parties are able to work at their maximum avoiding  inefficiencies of administration, human error and disconnection. With Engage, everyone wins.

ENGAGE’s cloud based workforce management solution delivers better visibility, lower cost and  time savings. Our innovative technology is reshaping the industry.

Our highly-motivated team of professionals puts customer experience first. It’s the problem-solving skills of every Engage team member that has taken the recruitment experience to the next level.