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"Labour costs are constantly increasing, our profitability is at stake" "Labour costs are highly impacting the cost of our services" "We need to do more with less staff, less budget, and less time"

"Labour costs are 
constantly increasing, our profitability is at stake"
"Labour costs are highly impacting
 the cost of our services"
"We need to do more 
with less staff, less budget, and less time"

I want to...

Imagine a new way of managing your Workforce




Get a dedicated and independant Technology Provider and Advisor


ENGAGE is the most advanced Digital Supply Chain Platform for the management of temporary labour. Connect all your suppliers and workers on a single Platform. Continuously have access to the latest innovation for supply chain management.
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Get Technology to deliver your ideal Temporary Labour Supply Chain


With ENGAGE you can mix and match all types of temporary recruitment models to fit the specific needs of your operations, divisions and projects.
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No more surprises. Real-time data and analytics.


Get ENGAGE to deploy and manage your Digital Supply Chain on your behalf and get operational peace of mind. Know in real-time, what all your supply chain participants are doing and how they are performing. No more surprises.
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Choose the Right Technology Partner

Why Choose Us?

1. Get The Latest Supply Chain Technology

Leverage from Industry 4.0 technologies and get the advice you need from a leading technology partner in your sector. Get technology specialists to deploy and run a customised Digital Supply Chain Platform on your behalf to cover all your operational needs.

2. Easily Manage Your Temporary Workforce

One Platform for all your Temporary Recruitment needs. Empower your company to manage both agencies and direct temporary workers in one place. Automate your processes, make it simple and error-free, and get access to real-time data and analytics to quickly take action.

3. Be In Charge

Lead with technology, onboard participants later. Assume control of your temporary labour management by deploying technology first. Choose the solution that is best for your needs and let your suppliers focus solely on providing your temporary labour.

Choose Your Temporary Recruitment Model

Neutral Vendor, Master Vendor, your own Labour Desk, or any combination

The Choice is Yours, We're Here To Make It Happen

Neutral Vendor

Do you want to get help from a Neutral Vendor and use ENGAGE? Outsource the management of your workforce and enhance the experience with ENGAGE.

Master Vendor

Do you have a trusted Recruitment Agency acting as a Master Vendor in your PSL? Rest assured that with ENGAGE this will work effortlessly.

Labour Desk

Would you like to run your own Internal Labour Desk and take ownership of your entire workforce management? Let ENGAGE simplify this for you.


Thinking of using a Neutral Vendor in some business units, but for some others you prefer to run your own Internal Labour Desk. Or any other combination? ENGAGE is here to facilitate this for you!

Take Control !


De-Risk Operations

Say goodbye to paperwork hassles and errors. Ensure compliance effortlessly for each role, safeguarding your reputation. Simplify your operations!


Leverage Automation

Simplify your temporary workforce management with automation. Customise workflows for smooth operations. Automate invoicing, reminders to workers, vacancy fillings, and rate submissions. Workforce management made easy!


Reduce Costs

Discover hidden workforce costs caused by human errors, fraudulent behaviour, or disjointed processes. Easily track all workforce transactions and get a clear view of spending across your business. Take control, ensure approval processes and save more!


Real-Time Data & Analytics

With ENGAGE, access real-time data of your workforce activities. Easily monitor labour costs and activities in real time, ensuring you never overlook important details again. Stay ahead and in control of your workforce costs and activities effortlessly.

Manage Your Workforce Like Never Before​

With Real-Time Data and Automation

Now I am able to know who is on site track worker's hours know how workers are 
engaged and paid
ensure that my workforce 
meets standards
monitor workers 
attendance accurately
have all the data I need 
on my workforce
match automatically 
 invoices with timesheets
get rid of paper and
 manual transactions
track costs of my workforce allocate worker's time
 to specific projects

With Real-Time Data and Automation

Now I am able to know who is on site track worker's hours know how workers 
are engaged and paid
ensure that my 
workforce meets standards
monitor workers 
attendance accurately
have all the data 
I need on my workforce
match automatically 
invoices with timesheets
get rid of paper 
and manual transactions
track costs of my workforce allocate worker's 
time to specific projects

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