The only Vendor Management System that both agencies and hirers love. Turn on a VMS in minutes. Free for hirers. Free for recruitment agencies using Engage’s Agency Back Office, otherwise £2.99 per active worker per week. Pay as you go with no set up fees and no lock-in contracts.


For Hirers

Know where your money is going

Keep your teams and projects profitable with real-time visibility on your labour spend. Understand your costs in a way that makes sense to you – whether that’s per-project, per-site, or per-division, or in some other way. Engage has flexible reporting options to suit your needs.



Set up approval routes to make sure the correct people are aware of upcoming spend, and use Engage’s built-in comments, mentions, and notifications to discuss any issues right there on the vacancy, where everyone can see what’s going on.



 Quality of Supply

Invite the agencies you want to work with. Distribute a vacancy to any or all agencies. Use a Master Vendor to help you manage the workload, or keep it neutral and let every agency compete for your vacancies. Work the way you want to, without losing visibility of what’s going on.


Protect yourself from loss or liability with a transparent view of agency margins, and complete worker employment compliance for agencies using Engage’s Agency Back Office.

Reward high-performing agencies with an increased share of spend, safe in the knowledge that you can see the whole picture.

Connect with your procurement processes

Move the right information through your billing process and into your finance systems each time, every time. Flexible scheduling and usage of purchase orders and built-in self-billing reduce the cost and time needed to process recruitment agency invoices and means you will never again need to wait to recognise costs. With transaction exports ready for your finance system, you can completely remove manual handling of invoices. All without large and expensive system integration projects.



For Agencies

£2.99 per worker per week. No upfront fees. No minimum size. No contract lock-in. Accessible to agencies with 5 contractors as well as those with 5000.


Free if you use Engage’s Agency Back Office.

There’s nothing like it. For the first time, you can compete on the quality of your service, and not on the size of your IT budget.

Impress your best clients

Demonstrate how good you are. Don’t wait for an RPO to be imposed on you and an industry giant to steal your margin. Show your best clients why you’re their best agency, no matter what size you are – in an open, transparent, win-win manner.

Bid for a Master Service Provider deal, or propose a neutral-vendor VMS. Either way, you win. Demonstrating your competence and the quality of your supply results in a greater share of your client’s labour spend. We see it every day.

Easy to get going

You can get going in minutes, in one of three ways, depending on your client’s needs:

  • Work on behalf of your client. Set up the VMS between your agency and your client, do the data entry on your client’s behalf, and demonstrate the VMS when you have a couple of month’s real data in place. Ideal when the client doesn’t quite understand the benefits of a VMS, or when they might need help with internal sign-offs.
  • Work with your client and just your agency. Set up the VMS between your agency and your client, and fill all your vacancies through the VMS. A great way to help your client adopt a new, improved, process before rolling out the VMS across their PSL.
  • Move all agencies onto Engage. For clients that know what they want, or for whom a phased roll-out is not an advantage, you can of course do a more comprehensive rollout of the VMS.

Pick the way that suits your client’s needs best, and deliver value to them fast. We’ll work with you throughout to ensure your success.

Easy to use

This is a modern, fresh, mobile-optimised product. Ready to work wherever and whenever you are. Need to respond to a new vacancy in a taxi? Not a problem. Take a call from a hiring manager out of hours and check on a placement? Easy.



Integrated Back Office

If you decide to use Engage’s Agency Back Office to pay all your workers, the VMS is free. Forever. No more adding workers to multiple platforms, re-keying placement or compliance information, or paying someone to sit there exporting and importing timesheets. Once it’s in the Engage platform, it’s in the Engage platform.

With your clients and your back office on the same platform you’ll experience a profound shift in efficiency – and benefit from a competitive edge that only Engage can provide.


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