VMS for hirers

Know exactly where your money is going

Understand your staffing spend in a way that suits you with VMS (Vendor Management System). Get total control, real-time visibility of your workers and costs, and track by project, site, division and benchmarking rates. It‘s flexible to suit your needs and reduces costs while also eliminating errors and fraud.

Who do you really want to work with?

Save time and work the way you want. Post a placement brief with your usual recruitment agency or let multiple agencies compete to find the best temporary worker for you. That‘s less legwork for you.


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Always sharing

Keep everyone in the loop with the use of built-in comments, tagging and notifications. You can discuss and share information with workers, payroll departments, and recruitment agencies – no one gets left out.

Automated registration and compliance check process

Get complete worker employment compliance through recruitment agencies with Agency Back Office.

Rapid cost reporting

Why hang around? While your invoices process, you can see costs straightway using our flexible scheduling, purchase orders and built-in self-billing. Managing costs becomes a whole lot easier.

Ready to work whenever, wherever

Our VMS is modern, mobile-optimised and available around the clock, in all sectors and countries. How handy is that?

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Absolutely free

VMS costs nothing to hirers, it‘s supplier funded. So, get started and see how we can transform your recruitment process.