VMS for agencies

A sure-fire way to impress clients

It’s not showing off if you back it up. Show your clients how innovative you are with a cutting-edge VMS (Vendor Management System). Boost clients’ resourcing operations while cutting costs and eliminating the threat of errors and fraud. They’ll thank you later.

Clients value the strengths of VMS

Give clients a clear and simple view of teams and projects – they can track agency staff costs by project, site, team or hiring manager. The choice is theirs.


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Show you're ahead of the curve

Don’t hang around and lose business to a Master Vendor or Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution. An innovative VMS service will show your clients that you’re forward thinking and the best recruitment agency for them.

Get started in minutes

VMS is easy to get going (honestly). We have three options depending on your clients’ needs:

  1. Your agency takes the lead — Set up the VMS on behalf of your client, register requirements on their behalf and demonstrate the full value to them after a few months.
  2. Client to work with just your agency — Fulfil all vacancies through the VMS to provide real operational benefits, with option to roll-out across their PSL later on.
  3. Client wants all their supplier agencies using the VMS — In which case you can complete a more comprehensive rollout from the outset.

We're here at every step

We’re always here for you. Our specialist team will work with you to set up a VMS software solution that’s perfect for your clients’ needs.

Ready to work whenever, wherever

Our VMS is modern, mobile-optimised and available around the clock, in all sectors and countries. How handy is that?

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VMS could cost you nothing

You’ll get our VMS absolutely free, if you use our Agency Back Office or for just £2.99 per worker, per week. No minimum size.

Pay-as-you-go with no upfront costs and no lock-in contract.