Registering Temp Workers Risk-free for FM Companies

Without the right solution, completing a compliant registration can be challenging for facilities management companies. This initial stage is critical for ensuring a smooth placement and is an opportunity to identify and solve risks before they escalate. However, complex tech stacks and poor subsequent visibility often sabotage companies’ ability to do this.

Temporary recruitment moves fast, significantly increasing the risk of admin error turning into liability. However, with high client demands and tight budgets, FM companies often deprioritise registration to focus on project execution.

This frequently sees multiple in-house methods like conventional HR platforms, Excel and email/telephone communication combined into a ‘make-shift’ temp workforce management process. With manual operation, siloed data, and outdated tech, this increases the risk of non-compliance, as data is exposed to error and miscommunication.

In taking on large contingent workforces, facilities management face higher compliance stakes than ever. Curbing costs for error-prone registration workflows is no longer an option. To continue engaging high-quality workers compliantly, an up-to-date, specialist temp workforce management solution is a MUST.


So, what exactly does this look like?


Simplified Data Access—Transparency

 In switching multisystem workflows for a single cloud-based platform, you can remove all access barriers with a single login. This provides a transparent view of all data, allowing on-demand access.

Instead of passing data between multiple software, hard drives and recipients, all parties can view real-time updates, accessing the same online database.

Reduced Human Error—Automation

Manually operated systems make human error inevitable. And within low visibility workflows, vital compliance errors often aren’t identified until it’s too late.

With an automation-enabled cloud-based system, you need only enter details once. These can then be shared via automatic notification in real time. With less manual admin, the risk of human error is significantly lowered. And with all parties immediately updated, potential risks can be identified and solved quicker.


Bullet Proof ID Checks—KYC (Know Your Customer)

RTW is one of the most critical parts of registration. With recent legislation carrying a potential £20,000 fine per illegal worker, having company details published (as a warning against potential clients) or even a 5-year jail sentence, compliance cannot be compromised.

Integrating KYC into your temp workforce management system can provide an extra layer of security to compulsory visual ID checks. IDVT (Identification Verification Technology) capabilities can scan for non-visual indicators of a counterfeit ID using an extensive blacklist.

Systems as such are often equipped with AI, machine learning and automation, strongly shielding you from RTW non-compliance.


Changes in Legislation—Specialist Temporary Workforce Management System

As seen in the last few years with IR35, Brexit and COVID-19’s Furlough Scheme, legislation is subject to rapid change. Too often, companies are forced to set aside huge amounts of time, money, and resources just to avoid liability—often sacrificing core business.

With an up-to-date temporary workforce management system, there’s no need to become a legislation and governance expert.

Specialist systems are built with temporary workers in mind and are regularly updated to reflect evolving compliance needs. They often include helpful prompts and guides to help you easily and safely register your temporary workers. This saves you time and effort, and helps you avoid risks.


Effortless and Compliant Registration


A specialist temporary workforce management solution can prevent potential risks from going beyond registration. With cloud-based transparency, automation and other specialist functions, risks can be identified long before they mutate into serious liability.

In switching error-prone tech stacks for a specialist solution, facilities management companies can continue to thrive with a risk-free and high-quality temporary workforce. With compliance secured, they can refocus on building client relationships and chasing company growth.

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