How VMS Can Increase Cost Transparency for FM

Facilities management and security services, by nature, mean engaging high volume, high churn contingent workers. When urgent needs arise, clients expect a quick response—the right candidate with the right skills on-site fast.

However, when it comes to getting paid, funds can easily exceed budget without sufficient visibility. With manual/paper-based methods, the constant flow of temporary workers is susceptible to human error, fraud and, ultimately, overpayments.


Did you know that up to 25% of timesheets can be either incorrect or fraudulent? This can lead to an overspend of up to 30%.

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When such issues arise, this means higher bills for clients, delayed timelines, and damaged business relationships. From initial contact with suppliers right through to invoicing—transparency is key. A full view of all payments is vital to ensure you’re staying on budget and securing ROI.

With the right VMS system, you can effortlessly keep track of costs, backtrack payments and audit on demand. Here’s how:


All-in-one Centralised System

Too often, payment data is passed through multiple siloed systems, requiring manual and long-winded communications (e.g., email and telephone). Such workflows create barriers to data and can delay payments.

When disputes inevitably arise, backtracking scattered documents across such tangled workflows can severely disrupt processes and consume your resources.

With an all-in-one cloud-based VMS, however, all POs, timesheets and invoices are accessible on demand. By keeping all communications centralised, you can easily track a document back to its relevant worker, supplier, date, and time.

This not only speeds up payments but provides all required evidence to solve potential disputes, avoiding expensive error resolution.


Cloud-based Storage

Having a full record of all payments made is vital for transparency. Missing or abrogated details due to storage limitations simply isn’t an option.

With high-volume workforces, high volumes of POs, timesheets and invoices are generated every week. To maintain full transparency, all details must be stored on your system, available for instant and on-demand access.

As previously mentioned, disputes are inevitable. This means it’s vital that all historical records for each worker remain available in full to evidence payments against challenges.

With cloud-based storage, high-volume records can be easily stored with regular backups and on-demand system maintenance. This removes all barriers to being data-driven and provides you with all the transparency you need to pay in exact proportion.



Manual admin is simply a prerequisite to missing, incorrect and fraudulent data. This is commonly seen in timesheets, where a lack of transparency allows workers to distort hours and receive overpayments.

Manual workflows mean repetitive data entry and back-and-forth communications. Data is easily lost or misunderstood due to inevitable human error. Whilst individual errors may seem innocent enough, they can mount up to huge losses when dealing with high-volume workforces.

With automation, only one data set per worker needs to be entered. With all supply chain parties present on a single platform, they are then automatically notified in real time. This instantly reduces human error, removes communication delays, and increases transparency with real-time updates.


Increased Transparency Means Decreased Overspend

With cloud-based tech, automation, and high-volume storage, you can remove all possible blind spots for overpayments to hide in. This means increased trust with clients, ROI from workers, and less costly processes.


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