How can MSPs Overcome Skill Shortages?

With skill shortages affecting almost every industry, MSPs have a tough task at hand, no matter their clients’ core business. According to ONS, there are currently fewer unemployed people than vacancies for the first time since records began. As well as this, Hays‘ research revealed 93% of employers to have faced skill shortages over the past 12 months—and the problem shows no sign of slowing down.

With candidates currently holding the upper hand, and competition for skills at an all-time high, the pressure is on. However, tech could help you get ahead and deliver your clients the talent they need.


Automation—Getting Straight Back to Talent Sourcing    


With an automation-enabled platform, you can communicate with multiple suppliers at once. This means you can cast out a wider net for talent without investing in more admin staff or pushing your current team into overtime.

Vacancy and placement updates need only be entered once, then can automatically be shared simultaneously with all your suppliers. This also minimises human error, reducing delays caused by backtracking and error resolution.

With this in place, you can seek out the right candidate, accelerate registration and compliance, and fill the vacancy quicker. By lightening your admin load with automation, you can allocate more time to your talent search and ensure you beat competitors for the best candidates on the market.


Cloud Computing—On-Demand Access to All Data at All Times 


 With such tough competition for talent, you simply cannot afford to lose any time in your search. That’s why complex workflows and siloed data are bad news for any MSP looking to beat skill shortages.

With a cloud-based system, you can access all suppliers’, candidates’, and workers’ data on demand. This is especially vital for remote and hybrid admin teams, as it means updates can be communicated instantly without barriers due to proximity or device.


VMS for Temporary Workforce Management


Many employers are engaging temporary workers to fill skill gaps and prevent overtime for their perm employees. This means it is vital to have a sufficient solution in place to deal with the unique needs of temporary workforces.

With outdated siloed tech, fast-moving temporary workers can present risks as visibility can be limited. This means key details like RTW compliance can be missed, losing you valuable talent and potentially compromising your clients’ reputation.

With the right VMS, you can manage your temporary workforce in a transparent environment. With specialised modules, you can follow through the vacancy to placement process with ease, ensuring you don’t miss any steps.

The right VMS can provide smart prompts, risk management and data insights so that you can fill your clients’ skill gaps with temporary workers promptly and efficiently.


Secure Talent—Take on Tech


Tech is a key way to gain a competitive edge. Streamlining manual operations frees up more bandwidth to hone and elevate your service. Skill shortages show no sign of going away, so now is the time to step up and deliver your clients the talent they need.

By letting tech take on the heavy lifting of repetitive manual admin, you can accelerate operations. This ultimately means client retention, increased acquisition, and a fierce competitive edge against your industry peers.

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