WFM: Challenges in a Dynamic Environment

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, businesses face critical hurdles in effectively managing their temporary workforce. Outdated technology, fragmented processes, lack of transparency, and soaring costs create substantial pain points for organizations across industries. This article sheds light on these challenges while introducing workforce management solutions that can transform workforce management. Discover how ENGAGE Technology […]

ENGAGE Secures New Anglia Grant: Fueling Innovation for Growth!

Exciting News! Things are moving at lightning speed here at ENGAGE, and we’re thrilled to announce that we have been awarded an innovation grant from the New Anglia Growth Through Innovation Fund, which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund! At Engage Technology Partners, we firmly believe in the power of digital transformation and […]

Preparing for April: National Living Wage & Minimum Wage Changes

ENGAGE is here to help prevent costly penalties! Check out our video for a brief summary and guidance on preparing your ENGAGE portal for the transition: Plus, for more information: – 1️⃣ Read the full government guidelines by searching “Minimum Wage rates for 2023” on their official website: – 2️⃣ Visit our Knowledge Base article: […]

Skill Shortages: How Much Blame Is Still on Brexit Three Years On?

The end of freedom of movement has been a huge concern for businesses since its initial proposal. Prior to 2020, numerous sectors comprised largely of EU workers, many in fact being dependent on them. As we enter an increasingly tight labour market, Brexit has definitely left an impact. However, nearly three years on, how much […]

Dive Into the 2023 Economic and Job Markets: Prepare for What’s Ahead!

After almost three years of skill shortages, candidates have previously held the upper hand within the job market. However, as the economy slows downward, the 2023 outlook is beginning to shift with increased hiring freezes and redundancies. With the cost-of-living crisis, Russia/Ukraine war and lingering impacts of COVID-19, recession is on the horizon. According to […]

Transparent Reporting: VMS Enhancing MSPs’ Client Insights

Transparency is critical for MSPs in maintaining strong client relationships. It’s vital that clients are kept in the loop throughout a project: how their money is being spent, the results it yields, as well as potential issues. In building long-term business relationships, MSPs must establish a foundation of trust, accountability, and consistent ROI for clients. […]

Simplified Timesheet Management: VMS for MSPs & Temporary Workforces

Timesheets are an essential part of cost control for MSPs. Tracking hours and rates accurately is critical, ensuring payments and productivity line up according to contractual terms. Errors within this process can have a severe impact: financial losses, time-consuming error resolution, and lost trust across the labour supply chain. As an MSP, it’s important to […]

Efficient Placement Management on VMS for MSPs

As an MSP, securing and managing placements is core to your function. In pursuit of growth and profitability, you’ll likely want to secure large volumes of placements for multiple clients. It’s a sure way to increase income and ensure longevity. However, managing large placement volumes is no simple task without the right supporting tools. Manual […]

Leveraging VMS: Meeting Horticultural Labour Demand for Agencies

The horticultural farming sector has always had varying seasonal worker demand. Until now, they’ve predominantly sought fruit, vegetable and flower pickers from Ukraine and Russia. However, due to post-COVID-19/Brexit difficulties and the Russia/Ukraine war, seasonal work visas are increasingly being granted to migrant workers from Central Asian countries like Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.   Seasonal Worker […]

Unlocking Efficiency in Rail Construction: The Benefits of VMS

Rail construction companies contribute a vital public service. Due to this, stakes remain high, especially since many are involved in high-profile government initiatives. However, like all construction subsectors, they face skill and material shortages, the fuel crisis, and post-COVID-19 and Brexit recovery. That means companies cannot afford to waste time and money on inefficient admin. […]