Recruiters accelerate

Oct 7, 2020

Recruiters accelerate

Howard Hughes, ENGAGE’s CEO and Co-Founder looks at How Covid 19 has accelerated digital transformation in the recruitment industry

Historical data shows that the period after every recession sees a sharp focus on cost control and results in a contraction of full-time employment relative to an expansion in temporary staffing. We can see this trend has accelerated across a few industries which have experienced a high demand in temporary workers recently. The challenge of finding a high number of suitable candidates was exacerbated by the fact that recruitment agencies have had to adhere to the rules of social distancing and additional compliance checks. Employees working remotely and candidate interviews being conducted online have driven digital transformation.  Onboarding and training have moved online and have turned into the new normal or business as usual. The benefits of this new normal are cost savings, time reduction and documented data trails. However, to benefit from the advantages of moving everything online, recruitment agencies need to make sure that they have the right systems in place.

Agencies can make the most of the new normal by having the facility to scale up.  Be ready to place temps at higher volumes with strong systems in place. From a technological perspective, the whole world is “integrating” and “collaborating”.  As your kids work around social distancing by collaborating on Fortnite, FIFA and Minecraft –  (on just about any device you can switch on);  the recruitment industry needs to get on board with cloud based, collaborative technologies that eliminate the costs of duplicated data entry, errors and delay.

Leading agencies embrace digital innovation across their own operations and across the supply chains they operate within.  ENGAGE data shows that when candidates, agencies umbrellas, and hirers operate on shared platforms there is a profound increase in efficiency for all parties – at the cost of those still operating with whiteboards, excel, email and phones.

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