Lockdown 3.0: Mastering the work life balance at home

Mar 3, 2021

Lockdown 3.0: Mastering the work life balance at home

The end is almost in sight. No.10 have officially announced their roadmap to return the UK to some sense of normality (fingers crossed for June 21st). In the coming months barring any sharp rises in covid infections, we will begin to see the reopening of schools, our much-loved hospitality venues, and finally the mixing of households. However, there is still sometime before we can truly regain our freedom and return to life pre-March 2020, so we found some helpful tips to keep your minds fresh and your bodies energised so you can maintain a healthy work-life balance until that fated summer day.


Establishing a routine and vehemently sticking to it is one way to create some sense of balance within the chaos. Ensure that you’re waking and preparing yourself for the day at the same time each day – and ideally with time to relax and instill calm before you start work. The same applies for the evenings. As in the office, step away from your desk at the same time each day and don’t be tempted to carry on into the evening.


The office was full of distractions that broke up the working day. Chatting to colleagues, walking around or going to the kitchen to prepare a drink or food were much-needed respites from work, yet many seem to feel guilt at taking similar breaks when working remotely. These small breaks allow you to unwind and refresh yourself, and ultimately improve the quality of your work as a result.


In a house with others, it can be easy for a productive day to go out of the window as kids need attention or housemates dominate your day wanting social time. It’s important that those around you respect that, whilst within the working day, you should be as uncontactable as you would be in the office. However, due to school closures many children are now at home – this means setting rules with your company to account for time needed to care for them. Attempting to balance both without discussing your needs with your company will not end well.


All workers are completely within their rights to leave their home once a day to get exercise and, so long as you maintain a good distance from others, this is completely safe. Some choose to take this time to go for a walk, a run or a bike ride immediately after the working day, thus simulating a commute and dividing the day between working hours and personal time.


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