Engage keeps the lights on

Mar 31, 2020

Engage keeps the lights on


Many businesses are understandably dropping supply contracts in this crisis period.


I am writing to let you know this is not necessary/counterproductive with Engage as we will drop all minimum charges from April onwards. That is, we will only charge for live placements actually processing through the Covid-19 lull.


We will keep the platform live for all our customers and their supply chains regardless of the level of activity. If activity drops to zero for some customers, so will our charges. However our support and business development team will remain at your service throughout.


We will be live and ready for you to efficiently administrate the level of business or opportunities that arise throughout the crisis, however lean; and to ensure you are first and fastest to pick up on the recovery.


Every one of our customers is facing both shared and unique circumstances.


I believe Engage is uniquely placed to help you “keep the lights on” for now, and to catch the market rebound that will undoubtedly call for unprecedented levels of contract candidates.


Please feel free to respond with questions, feedback and suggestions about how Engage can do more. I wish you the best and look forward to better times.