Jul 27, 2020

IR35 in the news again as MPs vote against postponing to 2023

IR35 changes: MPs vote against delaying new HMRC rules to the dismay of campaigners Contractors and campaigners alike have been dealt with another IR35 blow. On this occasion, MPs have voted against delaying the controversial IR35 reforms for the self-employed in the private sector. Many have feared the legislation will leave them with a higher …

Jun 7, 2020

Delays to IR35

As of this moment the government has postponed the tax reforms to payroll working (AKA IR35). The legislation has been delayed for the private sector up until 2021, no doubt due to the complications COVID-19 has put on businesses and contractors. The decision was originally announced on the 17th March in the House of Commons. …

Jun 7, 2020

Maintaining a healthy work / life balance

Whichever industry you reside in, maintaining a healthy work/life balance is essential. Especially in these challenging times where one can be easily overwhelmed. If you do find yourself feeling overworked and exhausted, we have some tips which we hope helps to get your balance right. Track Your Time Analysing your present situation is the beginning …

Jun 7, 2020

Flexible Working…Forever?

As most of you would know, much has been made of covid19 and its effect on the 9 – 5 life. Thankfully innovation has afforded (most of) us the convenience of remote working allowing us to continue to work from home. We have already witnessed highly reactive responses from the upper hierarchy of some of …

Engage Light
Mar 31, 2020

Engage keeps the lights on

  Many businesses are understandably dropping supply contracts in this crisis period.   I am writing to let you know this is not necessary/counterproductive with Engage as we will drop all minimum charges from April onwards. That is, we will only charge for live placements actually processing through the Covid-19 lull.   We will keep …