(A Covid) Winter is coming: We take a look at how employees can stay positive during lockdown V.2

Nov 9, 2020

(A Covid) Winter is coming: We take a look at how employees can stay positive during lockdown V.2

When a series of experts state that this second lockdown is “going to be bad” in response to a question about the likely impact, the statement simply compounds what we already knew. Lockdowns are bad, for everyone. The last 8 months or so did a great job of letting us all know.  So, we’ve decided to take a much more positive outlook on how you can use this time to your advantage for a much more valuable lockdown experience.

1. Set Some Boundaries

There’s no need to keep your eyes glued to the news right now. Once a day is definitely enough! The news isn’t exactly providing us with stories of happiness …is it? Of course, it is important to stay informed, but try not to check it every 5 mins!

It’s very easy to get stuck scrolling aimlessly as the hours flash by with our social feeds but try to limit your time spent scrollin’ a little, we promise you’ll feel better for it!

2. Get Outta The House

For the record, we are in no way encouraging you to break lockdown rules, but you should find some time to go out and get some fresh air! Either in the morning, on your lunch break, or in the evening, whichever you prefer! Take a trip to the park or explore some areas in your local you’ve never been to (but please be safe). Trust us, stretching your legs & getting some time in the great outdoors is worth it!

3. Eat Well

Snacking is GREAT. Truly, it’s a beautiful thing. BUT it’s also important to still eat properly, regularly & healthily during lockdown! Yes, technology is wonderful and because of it, you can now order Nandos and McDonalds to your door in a manner of moments. The best way to keep yourself feeling & looking your best is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. That involves plenty of greens and with your protein and carbs. Or you can just get a salad with your Nandos order. It’s up to you.

4. STOP Feeling Guilty

Despite what you may see on LinkedIn and various other social channels you’re not required to learn 3 different languages, start a podcast, master the art of painting, or create 4 small businesses. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and it’s ok to just exist.

It’s great to be productive and of course, you should try some new things but you don’t have to make life-changing discoveries daily! Use this time to take a well-deserved break for better or worse these times are not going to last forever.

5. This Won’t Last Forever

It’s easy to forget sometimes, but this will eventually end… at some point.  One day we will be back to normal, after-work drinks with your friends will return, cheap holidays abroad, and busy morning commutes… yay. In time things will go back so we all may as well make the most of the time we have now, for however long it lasts.


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