Agency Back Office

Take workers from placement through to paid with near-zero load on your team. Let your consultants do what they do best – sell – and free your operations team up to focus on taking your business to the next level.

At £1.99 per active worker per week, pay as you go and with no lock-in contracts, you can grow your business without needing to hire lots of staff or sign multi-year software contracts.


“My team are spending 1000 more hours a month selling” – Ben B, Director, Premier

Registration and compliance

Provide a name and email or phone number, and the worker can do the rest of their registration themselves. Built in identity and document verification, performed by your team or ours. Configurable requirements allow you to gather contract acceptances, DBS check authorisations, and whatever else your agency’s workflow requires. Accommodate demanding clients in regulated industries like banking or the NHS, and keep things simple when all you really need is Right to Work verification and bank details.The platform automatically reminds workers to provide outstanding documents, so your team can focus on building your business instead of on administration.

Workers love Engage because they don’t have to provide the same information to you, your client, and to the payroll company. They enter and control their own data, and can do everything from their phone. Naturally, Engage is fully GDPR compliant.



Placements and timesheets

Easily enter a placement, and have either workers or your team enter timesheets. Your client’s hiring manager can approve timesheets from the same platform, and if you have the Engage VMS it’s totally integrated – no more double-entry. Send invoices, reconcile payments, and export information to your accounting system.


Payments and Payroll

Pay contractors, send money to payroll companies, and handle PAYE workers, all backed by the experienced Engage team that pays tens of thousands of workers a week. Feed data from the Engage VMS, RSM InTime, or send us a spreadsheet using our secure system. We’ll help you get your contractors and staff in shape for a hassle- and mistake-free experience.

Hospitality? CIS? Other specialist industries? No problem.

If your payroll company is on the Engage platform, there’s no need to re-enter worker or timesheet information – the information is ready to be used to process your payroll. Use the Engage workflow system to communicate sensitive information without using email.


“Our clients love using Engage and love that we use Engage. It means less work for them, less work for us, and happier workers” – Luke S, Managing Director, Ship Shape Pay



Workers have a single portal to access and manage their personal details, accept contracts and provide documents, submit timesheets, and receive pay advice. Uniquely, we put the worker at the centre of everything, and in control of their own information. This reduces the amount of administration your team needs to do, increases your compliance scores, provides IR35 and GDPR compliance, and leaves everyone happier. HMRC included.



Workflow Tools

Get your team off the phone and out of their email inbox with our workflow tools – got a question for Jane on a placement? Comment on it and @-mention her. She’ll get a notification with your query. Want to track a particular worker’s progress to Ok to Pay? Follow them and receive notifications every time they accept a contract or provide information. We have comments, mentions, following, and activity logs throughout, so you always know what’s going on and why.


Moving to Engage

Worried about the amount of effort needed to make the switch? Are your team super-busy and don’t have the time to make things better? Not a problem. Our crack onboarding team will help you through the process, making sure both your team and clients are successful and happy.

“We are really glad to have found Engage and are already seeing the value add that you are providing us!” Graham W, Group Performance, MC Partners



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